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Jan. 4th, 2013 09:28 pm
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Well, I didn't post much in 2012, but I'm not giving up on  LJ yet. I hope. I've met and gotten close to some very important (to me) people here.

Me & the kits are back in town today after spending Christmas home with Mom. It was very quiet; the only visiting I did was to Angie's one evening and to my brother's another. There was  certainly a degree of battery-recharging - and the feeling that I had nothing to do most of the time was certainly no bad thing.

My main memory of 2012 is, of course, the cellulitis and hospital stay. It's healed, generally, but I still have pain, deep, like in the bone, especially at night - the doctor said there is probably nerve damage. :( Another broken part never to be mended.

I bought a new Hudson's Bay blanket (red; four-point) for the kits and I for Christmas. I have one on my bed out at Mom's; that blanket was Nan's and is probably as old as I am. The kits love cuddling up on it and nap there always when they are out there. So, one for here, too - it will keep us all warm; and last longer than I do, probably.

We are moving office next week, to a brand-new building. Going to be unsettled, hope it all goes well. And we are looking for a replacement tax administrative assistant as Sam finished just before Christmas to go back to school. I really hope that get sorted quickly - tax season is nearly upon us!

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